Hair Fairies is your one-stop solution for EVALUATION,TREATMENT, and PREVENTION of head lice. We offer treatment in a family-friendly, clean-salon environment, and provide mobile service for families within range of our salons.


If you believe you or a member of your family has been in contact with head lice, Hair Fairies can provide immediate peace of mind with a screening evaluation. During a lice screening, specially trained Hair Fairies technicians manually comb out the hair to check for nits and lice.


Hair Fairies head lice salons use a manual lice removal technique known as Nit-Zapping™ to treat and eliminate lice. Highly trained specialists utilize patented combs and all-natural products to manually remove head lice quickly and safely. This highly successful, labor-intensive treatment is becoming increasingly important to families affected by head lice for two reasons:

  1. Many over-the-counter lice shampoos and sprays have become highly toxic in order to combat the various forms of lice
  2. Head lice have developed increased resistance to lice shampoos and their ingredients (specifically permethrin) despite increased levels of toxicity


Schools and camps are often hotbeds for contracting head lice. For that reason, Hair Fairies partners with schools across the country to offer free screenings and distribute informational materials to prevent the spread of lice. As it is in our lice removal salons, our work with schools is professional, polite, informative, patient, and confidential.

All Hair Fairies staff undergo extensive training from experienced providers and are carefully supervised. Educating, nurturing, and caring for our clients and their families is a mandatory component of the screening and treatment process.

Hair Fairies has been answering the calls of frantic families since 1999, and in that time, we have helped thousands of families eliminate lice without the use of toxic chemicals. Our services are 100% guaranteed, and often covered by health insurance.