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“Thank you again for coming to our school. You are efficient and streamlined! We got a lot of kids and adults screened. We also learned what we need to know about lice and what we can do to prevent further infestations. This is an invaluable service.”

– The Da Vinci School, Dallas, TX

“What a fantastic experience we had—we could not have had a better technician. Logan was great with connecting to the students, wonderful in dealing with parents (including some difficult parents in denial) and great with our staff. He was fun and positive. Thank you for such great service.”

– Taffy Handy & Janet Self, Woodside Elementary School

“The Hair Fairies are truly angels! The warm and friendly employees ease the minds of worried parents whose children have been sent home with head lice.”

– Sari Altman, teacher, Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills, CA

“Hair fairies was able to help our school with a lastminute head lice screening, and we are grateful that they are there.”

– All Are Friends Montessori, Burlingame, CA

“We are LOVING the Hair Fairies lice spray. Today I gave each backpack a squirt of the lice spray. Throughout the day, the kids were asking for another squirt and frequently I caught them smelling their backpacks. I think you have a good product and I believe the kids would agree:)!”

– Ashley Whitworth, teacher, 2nd Grade, Saint Brendan School

“Hair Fairies came to my school and they were wonderful. The team screened over 100 kids and did find lice. They explained how to treat it, gave out samples and cards for screenings. I still have students who mention the Hair Fairies, and how nice they were.On behalf of the IS 93 community, Thank you!”

– Debby Hartz, Guidance Counselor, Ridgewood, NY

“We could not have had better technicians. Their interactions with staff and students were outstanding. I want to extend the gratitude of the entire staff and administration for the successful day!”

– Mary J., Elementary School Principal, Chicago, IL

“As a preschool, this is something we would definitely deal with on a ongoing basis, having Hair Fairies available to recommend to my parents gives me a piece of mind and them as well.”

– All Are Friends Montessori, Burlingame, CA

“A huge THANK YOU for donating your time to our school. The two mornings you were here were so productive and helpful.”

– Stephanie Schulman, Principal, Westwood Charter Public Schools, Los Angeles

“Hair Fairies is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers and administrators, providing information and help with a sensitive issue. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with lice to contact Hair Fairies!”

– Mary Stokes, Principal, St. Christina School, Chicago, IL

“We have our entire school screened (700 students) at least twice a year. It allows the faculty and parents to identify the problem quickly and begin the removal process before it gets out of hand. Hair Fairies helps with the arduous workload of screenings and frees up staff to get to their primary job. The Hair Fairies are kind, discreet, efficient and professional withstudents, parents, and faculty. Thank you!”

– Emek Hebrew Academy, Los Angeles


“I refer my patients to Hair Fairies because their service and products have proven to be an effective method to remove head lice. My patients have been very happy with Hair Fairies. Their association with Pediatric Scalp Care Specialists, a 501C3, highlightstheir dedication to ridding all families of this persistent problem.”

– Dr. Peppitone, San Francisco physician

“I recommend your services every time I get a patient with head lice. Hair Fairies gets the job done right!”

– Dr. Palmo Pasquareallo, pediatrician, NY, NY

“I have sent children with severe infestations to your company and the parents have been very happy with the results. You are very thorough and the use of nonchemical products is great!”

– Dr. Rosenfield, pediatrician, NY, NY

“Hair Fairies was absolutely fantastic. With their expertise, we are lice free after one treatment. I’m a physician and could never have the patience they did treating my daughters. We are grateful for all they have done and won’t waste a second coming back.”

– Dr. Lawrence F.

“I would highly recommend Hair Fairies for those looking for a healthier and natural remedy to prevent and treat head lice.”

– Dr. Melody Wong, Naturopath, Burlingame, CA

“When patients come in or call with head lice issues, we always recommend Hair Fairies as their source for removal!”

– Dr. Sol Zimmerman, pediatrician, NY, NY

“We refer many of our patients to Hair Fairies for head lice removal. We always receive positive feedback from our patients regarding their work.”

– Dr. Jay Gordon and Linda Nussbaum, pediatricians, Santa Monica, CA

“Tomo and Fabian were awesome! They were very informative and made us feel comfortable. They did a very thorough check. I felt comfortable and safe. I would recommend this place to friends and families.”

– Sharon Barrese, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Burlingame, CA

“Hair Fairies provides a treatment and prevention option that is complete! We are also happy that they provide excellent education about head lice andprevention, and that they are willing to work with insurance companies to help with the costs involved. The staff is very professional!”

– Dr. JJ Levenstein, pediatrician, Encino, CA


“As a teenager with head lice, I was embarrassed at first. But Hair Fairies not only got rid of it, but also created a fun and relaxing environment. Thank you all so much!”

– Katie Eiseman, San Anselmo, CA

“I hope I get lice again so I can come back to Hair Fairies again.”

– Hannah S. (7 yr. old)

“Fabian is really gentle with my hair and makes great conversation. Tomo is also very kind and considerate. They made getting lice out of my head fun! The salon is very calm and clean. I also liked how they gave us candy!”

– Mia S., Burlingame, CA


“Having to deal with lice is never fun, but it is a reality for anybody with children. Nothing about having lice is good, but thank God there is a place like Hair Fairies to ease the discomfort. The experienced technicians are pleasant, thorough and make the whole process less intimidating. It was such a relief. I hope we won’t need it, but if we do again, we will definitely return to Hair Fairies.”

– Brooke Shields

“I was so stressed out trying to rid the problem myself with over-the-counter products. Once I went to Hair Fairies I was relieved of so much stress. I hope my kids and I never have this problem again, but if we do, we are going back to Hair Fairies.”

– Stephanie Halicky

“Hair Fairies’ advice was extremely helpful and calming. A sincere thank you to both Lourdes and Shaila for their expertise and sound advice.”

– Karen and Family

“After trying the over-the-counter product my doctor recommended and it not working, I found Hair Fairies. It was such a huge relief to discover there are lifesavers like them out there. Hair Fairies calmed me down and explained it was not the end of the world and gave us product to keep lice away in the future. Next time I hear the word ‘lice’ I won’t think twice about where to go.”

– Dallas Mom

“After unsuccessfully trying to get rid of head lice (8 hours and about $300 in over-the-counter products), we finally found Hair Fairies. It didn’t cost as much as I thought. I love the parent- and kid-friendly environment. The product also smells great. I’m extremely happy with the results.”

– Gloria Soble, North Hollywood, CA

“If I had to describe Hair Fairies the perfect description would be ‘Heaven on Earth.’ A lice outbreak is very stressful and, even more so, when it is your very first time. I built a wonderful relationship with the (Hair Fairies) employees… and, at the end of our treatments, I felt a huge load had been successfully taken off my shoulders. Would I recommend Hair Fairies?ABSOLUTELY.”

Marisol Quintero

“Hair Fairies are amazing! They offer wonderful, professional service and a caring knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend them for families  and schools. They are definitely well worth it.”

– Diana Dembeck, San Francisco, CA

“Your products were much more user-friendly and much less harsh than those we bought at the pharmacy. Also, the removal sessions at the shop were exponentially more effective than anything we would have been able to do ourselves.”

– Ashley N., Chicago, IL

“Hair Fairies are amazing! They offer wonderful, professional service and a caring knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend them for families and schools. They are definitely well worth it. I cannot say enough.”

– Diana D., San Francisco, CA

“Hair Fairies did a wonderful job. The staff wasprofessional and friendly and the use of organicproducts was a bonus! Our family would recommendHair Fairies because they are thorough and helpful”

– The Nelson Family, Chicago, IL

“Hair Fairies did such a wonderful job! Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to take care of this pesky situation on my own. Thanks so much, Hair Fairies!”

– Catherine R, Burlingame, CA

“After having lice for the second time in three months, I was overwhelmed. Hair Fairies detected eggs I would have never seen! Their products are 100%natural and that gave me peace of mind…..Highly recommend them!”

– Chicago Mom of 2 curly-haired girls!

“When I discovered my children had head lice, it was very stressful and emotional. I called Hair Fairies. I would strongly urge anyone experiencing this problem to come to Hair Fairies! It is comforting to know there is a specialty salon that can help desperate families!”

– Pam Alessio, Fairfield, CT

“The Hair Fairies Dallas saved my sanity! On my own, I treated all three of my kids, did the laundry thoroughly and sprayed the house, but could not get rid of the bugs. One treatment for my kids at Hair Fairies and our heads and home were clear. Highly recommend them!”

– Dallas Mom

“Hair Fairies helped educate my family and gave excellent treatment while saving us time, money and agony while being infected with head lice.”

– Angela Cordiva, mother of two, Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you for offering this service. It is a Godsend. I must give shout outs to the staff. They were not only so patient with me and my neurosis, but they were wonderful with my children.”

– Martha

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all of you very special people at Hair Fairies! We don’t know what we would have done without you!”

– Lauren, Natalie, Celia, and Lila Katz

“l’d like to extend my extreme gratitude to Hair Fairies of New York City. My daughter, who is 6 years old, had contacted lice and my first reaction wasembarrassment. I did (an over-the-counter) treatment and repeated it… 2 weeks later I saw nits again. When we got there (to the Hair Fairies salon), I wasn’t sure what to expect. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face, and I knew I was in the right place.”

– Terry, Suffolk County, NY

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all of you very special people at Hair Fairies! We don’t know what we would have done without you!”

– Katz Family, New York, NY

“While we tried over-the-counter lice removal/elimination products, they were not effective. The Hair Fairies’ products work!”

– Maureen Brookover, Chicago, IL

“Hair Fairies made us feel very comfortable and really helped us manage the situation with treatment and home instructions. Life savers! Will definitelyrecommend to others!”

– Lara K., Burlingame, CA

“Hair Fairies visited Jennings School to educate parents on the many myths, as well as tips on how to treat and prevent lice. With so much misinformation out there one can quickly go down the wrong or ineffectual path of treatment. An expert from Hair Fairies greatly put our minds at ease about this most unpleasant topic!”

– Jennings PTA

“Hair Fairies provides compassionate, knowledgeable care for head lice and currently the only solution. In fact, the San Francisco City and County Department of Public Health is now recommending Hair Fairies.”

– Sara Newman, San Francisco, CA

“I am one of those parents who can say, ‘I don’t know what I would have done without you.’ My three-yearold daughter and I were both infected and, after an over-the-counter treatment, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do this myself… Hair Fairies is such a service to the community.”

–  Lesley Atkins, Pasadena, CA

“The treatments were painless, toxin free and the guarantee held true – we were all lice free after the third treatment. The Hair Fairies products gave us extra confidence we were doing everything possible at home as well. I no longer wince when I think of the future possibility of getting lice. Furthermore, I have three children who actually ask when they can go back!”

The Sullivans, Los Angeles, CA

“When I found out both my daughters had head lice I panicked! The people at Hair Fairies gave me so much information and set my mind at ease. Thank you so much!”

– Patricia C., NY, NY

“The people at Hair Fairies were understanding and thoughtful; it made the whole situation much easier. I would highly recommend them to parents.”

– Diane Mitchell, mother of twins, Sherman Oaks, CA

“You professionally treated my children in a safe, kid-friendly environment and they are now lice-free! I would recommend your services to anyone!”

– Regina, Mother of two Brooklyn, NY

“We absolutely loved the staff and atmosphere of Hair Fairies. They provided education to all the misconceptions of head lice, while showing the highest level of customer service.”

– Stacy Simpson, mother of three, San Carlos, CA